A musical version of the traditional pantomime tale
as seen through the eyes of Aladdin's Mum,
Widow Twankky (with 2 Ks !)

The show is suitable for 8 - 12 year olds
It contains 7 songs, several of which reappear.
There is the possibility of Solo Songs, but all may be covered by the Chorus.
The diaglogue is simple and humorous.
Piano / Keyboard accompaniment - Easy
Length approx. 1 hour.

Speaking parts:
Widow Twankky
Wishy, Washy and Whacky
Fairy of the Ring
Princess Lapsang-Souchong
Ping and Pong

Non-Speaking Parts:
A Chorus of Villagers,
who also become 'The Cave'

We've Lost Aladdin
One Fine Day
Old Uncle Abzee
A Black Hole Experience
Alone in a Cave
New Lamps for Old
Aladdin's the One

His Mother, the Narrator
Aladdin's Brothers
A Wicked Magician, posing as Aladdin's Uncle
A Fairy with Attitude

The Emperor's Daughter

Aladdin Script and Songs
Brilliant Value at £15 !

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