Vasilissa is a light-hearted, but meaningful musical based on a Russian Folk Tale,
in which a young peasant girl defeats the mighty witch Baba-Yaga
through the power of kindness.
The story has all the elements of a traditional pantomime
with ugly sisters, a cruel step-mother and magic in the form of a doll.
Suitable for 8-12 year olds.
The songs are tuneful and simple to learn.
Piano Accompaniment - Easy
Length approx 1 hour

Speaking parts:
Her Father

Larissa and Ludmilla
Aunt Yelena
The Doll
Baba-Yaga's Guards:
Thorn Bush
Baba-Yaga's Maid

Non-Speaking Parts:
A Chorus of Villagers
who also play Skeletons, Birds,
Rats and Mice
and sing throughout the show.

A peasant girl
Widowed and now remarried to:
A cruel woman who treats Vasilissa unkindly,
always favouring her own daughters:
 'The ugly sisters', who are jealous of Vasilissa
Vasilissa's kindly aunt
A normal-sized doll, who magically grows
The witch
Such a Story
The Doll
We'll make her work!
I'll Grow and I'll Grow!
Vasilissa Walked
Black Bat from the Sky
Baba-Yaga's Guards
Sleep on it, Vasilissa
Always be Kind
There is also a Rhythmic Improvisation 

Vasilissa  Script, Songs and CD
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