A simple musical for young children about a cat with no tail.
A gentle way of looking at difference and disability.
Suitable for 6 - 10 year olds
It contains 8 songs, several of which reappear
The songs are fun and very simple to sing.
The diaglogue is simple and humorous
Piano accompaniment - Easy
Length adaptable from approx 30 mins.

Speaking parts:
Charlie No-Tail


Non-Speaking Parts:
A Chorus of Charlie's friends,
the other garden creatures: butterflies, worms, beetles and grass snakes. 

The black cat from next door
A ginger cat with no tail, big ears and long legs

Charlie's Mummy.  A black and brown tortoiseshell, plump with short legs.She looks like a Christmas Pudding!

A noisy cock pheasant
A hare in a hurry
A lonely fox cub, with no tail


Charlie No-Tail
It's Very Nice to have Friends
That's Not a Christmas Pudding!
Loud Percy
Run, Charlie Run!
Charlie's Washing Song
Harry the Hare
Poor Ferdie 

Pack containing script and songs.
Brilliant Value at £15 !

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