Great fun!
A Musical based on the popular myths about the magician, Merlin.
There are Comic Builders, Pompous Priests, Witches and Dragons.
Plenty of opportunity for the Art Department / Costume and Props Department to have a wonderful time!
Length approximately 1 hour 15mins, excluding the Interval
The show is suitable for 8-12 year olds.
The songs are catchy and easy to learn, with opportunities for solo singers, as well as plenty of chorus work.
Piano / Keyboard accompaniment - Easy

Speaking parts:
King Uther
King Vortigen
le Fey

Young Witches / Witches
Young Arthur


Non-Speaking / Small Speaking

Priests and a High Priest
A Chorus of:
Comic Builders

A lesser King, conquered by Uther Morgan

Daughter of King Uther, who becomes an
Enchantress and enemy to Merlin
Morgan's friends and attendants
Uther's Son and half-brother to Morgan
First to the young Morgan and then to Arthur
It Still Fell Down!
Merlin, Man of Magic
The Bucket Song
Song of the Dragons
House of Pendragon
Saxon Battle Song
You Can't Hide a Thing!
Witches in Waiting
I Hate That Boy
Magical Mists and Moonlight
Arthur is in Danger
Arthur's Wonderful Tower
I'm Only a Boy 


Merlin script and songs.
Brilliant Value at £15 !
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