There are two friends, who live in a village at the foot of the Ox Mountains in Ireland.
Shane is the King’s Harper and Eanna is about to become the Royal Barber.
The problem is that the King has a secret, which only his barbers discover, and not one of them has ever returned from cutting the King’s hair!
This old Celtic Tale is full of wonderful characters:
Lir the Druid, King Longsearch, The Willow Tree - Queen of the Reeds and comedy is provided by Eanna's Mother and her batty sister Bebo. 

Suitable for 8-12 year olds.
There are plenty of chorus parts and opportunities for solo singing.
The songs are tuneful and simple to learn
Piano / Keyboard Accompaniment - Easy  Length approx 1 hour 

Speaking parts:          
The Willow Tree
Eanna the Barber
Shane the Harper
Deidre O'Neill
King Longsearch
Lir the Druid Princess
Queen Aisling

A young man
Eanna's closest friend
Eanna's Mother - comedy character
Deidre's sister
Older Villager
An old barber
The King with Ass's Ears
Hermit in the Ox Mountains
The rather silly Princess who marries King Longsearch

Non-Speaking Parts:
A Chorus of Servants / Courtiers
Children of the Court
Guards of the Court
Depending on the cast size, these parts can be played by a single chorus group, necessitating quick costume changes, or different groups giving opportunities to more children to perform.

Queen of the Reeds
Snip Whip
One Barber Left
The King's Secret
Rugged Path Rises
Whisper to the Reeds
And That Was That! 


Pack containing script and songs.
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