The Education Inspector, George Wylie, has declared Middlebrook to be a ‘failing school’. He has his own reasons to want to see it closed down as quickly as possible.
The local business community are equally unimpressed by thestandards of the pupils they interview.
The 'leavers' are unable to find jobs and the whole picture looks very bleak.
The Headmaster is beginning to feel that the end is inevitable, until one of his staff hears of a rather strange educational genius by the name of Professor Two-Stones.

Is there any hope that this eccentric woman, with her peculiar ideas, could possibly ‘turn the school around’? It she did, would everybody be genuinely delighted?

The show is suitable for a chorus of 12 years and upwards, with the main characters needing to be more senior. The Chorus numbers are all very tuneful and easy to sing, whilst there are a couple of slightly more challenging songs for soloists.
There is the opportunity to create a 'Trash Band' to accompany the 'Nothing Machine'.
Piano / Keyboard Part - Easy
Length approx 2 hours, with interval.


Speaking parts:          
Professor Two-Stones
George Wylie 
Headmaster of Middlebrook
Edwina Pike
Nadin Hackman
Miss Magg 
Bridget Mortimer
Gillian Hall
Vivien Taylor
Cynthia Warlock
Edith Rose 
Lisa Harvey
Jemma Jones
Luke Chance 
2 Thugs

Education Inspector

Business Executives

Teachers at Middlebrook
(Most of whom could equally well be male)

School leavers looking for employment

Non-Speaking Parts:
Chorus 1 of 'Scrap Heap' Pupils / Secretaries /The Nothing Machine
Chorus 2 Other pupils / poss. 'Trash Band' / Business People

Education Matters
The Business Community
Where Am I Going?
Close You Down
We Need a Machine
Boxes and Straight Lines
I've Got a Brain
The Nothing Machine
It's All Getting Out Of Control
Disaster Song
There's No Question