PRIMARY SCHOOL SHOWS                 Key Stage 1 and 2

These are themed collections of original Songs with classroom activities for each age group using Instrumental Music, with further ideas for dance, drama, art, creative writing and poetry. Each show involves the whole school and provides up to a term's work AND your end of term concert!

The songs are graded in difficulty to involve each age group separately, as well as including items that everyone can perform together.
All the books are written with Non-Specialists in mind!

"The topics covered by these shows fit perfectly alongside many of the traditional topics covered by First School classes.  There is something timeless about many of the songs and the children love them.  All ages in the audience seen to apprecite them too!"
Bridget MacKonochie
Assistant Head, Wimborne St. Giles First School, Dorset

Key Stage 1 & 2.
Brilliant Value at £15 ! (CD included)

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Winter and
Africa, Caribbean,
India and
Aboriginal Australia
Earth, Air, Fire
and Water
The Sea!!
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